Conversational habits of photographers

Today I’d like to approach a difficult subject. A subject that is by no means unique to photography, but has as much to do with who we are as human beings and how we handle frustration, critique, unfairness and our perceived self-worth. Have you ever witnessed a conversation between two photographers? Can you detect a pattern in…

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What’s wrong with TfP?

I’d like to start by saying, this is going to be somewhat of a rant about TfP and some of the points I’ll be making are due to personal preference. While I do feel strongly about these points,  I also welcome an open discussion. So feel free to contribute your own experiences, comments, opinions, etc. in…

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Emotion in Photography

A couple of days ago, my friend Ethan Oelman, also a Switzerland-based photographer, has posted his new series simply entitled “Emotions”. As with any great project, this one really has got me thinking – about our ability to read and project emotions and also on my own approach to emotion in visual artwork, especially, emotion…

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One year with the Pentax 645z

A little more than a year ago, I replaced my Hasselblad H4D-31 with the then brand new Pentax 645z. The reviews of this camera were (and are still) raving. “The perfect camera for wedding photographers” Gavin Cato calls it, “the best stills camera I’ve ever used” Jaron Schneider. It has won numerous awards and continues to do…

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Realistische Schatten in Photoshop

Die Komplexität realistischer Schlagschatten In diesem kurzen Tutorial möchte ich einen Weg beschreiben, realistische Schatten in Photoshop künstlich zu erzeugen. Schatten, insbesondere Schlagschatten, sind eines der grössten technischen Hürden in der Fotomanipulation/Foto Compositing. Schauen wir uns als erstes mal an, warum das eigentlich so ist. Zonen, die im Schatten liegen sind nicht nur dunkler, sondern…

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New Photo: Floating

Floating  A collaborative conceptual project by John Flury and Ethan Oelman I’ve been friends with Ethan for a while now. He is a full-time professional photographer working in Zurich and we’ve had several exchanges in the past and complement each other really well. The concept for this project came to him while relaxing in Zurich’s…

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