The Cloud Makers (2018)

“Would you like to know a secret? Almost no one knows that all the clouds we see in the sky come from the same place. The brothers Korky and Nimbus are older than time itself – yet everyday, they sit in their floating pavilion and do what they love most, telling each other stories while…

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New Photo: Floating

Floating  A collaborative conceptual project by John Flury and Ethan Oelman I’ve been friends with Ethan for a while now. He is a full-time professional photographer working in Zurich and we’ve had several exchanges in the past and complement each other really well. The concept for this project came to him while relaxing in Zurich’s…

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New Photo: Provincial Uprising

A dress made out of hands Probably one of my most extensive (if not excessive) projects ever attempted: 5 months of preparation and planning 3 shootings (2 of them for testing and experimentation with ideas and solutions to create a dress made out of hands.) 9-hour main shooting with a team of 7 very talented…

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New Photo: “The Smart Man”

Where do bright ideas come from? What keeps a smart man smart? Being smart is not just a passive attribute, but something that the really smart man constantly pushes further. If an idea breaks, he doesn’t back down, but tries to fix it and moves on.  There are sooooo many kinds of photographers: wedding, commercial,…

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New Photo: Overexposed

The Idea behind Overexposed Native Americans believed that taking a photo of them would steal their souls. In this project, I tried to imagine a world where the loss of self due to exposure to photography is a physical fact. If you think about it, it not so far fetched after all. Just look at…

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