New Photo: King Kajong

King Kajong sitting atop his tower I love my new studio. It’s so incredibly close to my home – 20 meters!! Finally I can just go and shoot whenever I want to. Sorry to unblow your mind, but this is of course a photo manipulation. I am not that much of a daredevil :). And…

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New Photo: Aurora – Goddess Of Dawn

Aurora, the Goddess Of Dawn. She ties the bonds between day and night, the sun and the moon, while at the same time being inextricably bound by the two. With serene beauty, she dances on their stage and enjoys her short moment of glory, each day anew. Story Concept Aurora is both a mythical figure and a natural spectacle…

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New Photo: Deliverance of the Luminous People

The idea for this image found me one night, while I was sitting outside in the little Italien Restaurant around the corner. They feature these beautiful old triple lamps and my mind wandered off to some other world, where there are living creatures trapped inside these lamps. From there on, the story started to grow……

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New Photo: Seamstress Of Her Own Destiny

I am happy to start my new website with introducing my newest work, “Seamstress Of Her Own Destiny” (Näherin ihres eigenen Schicksals). It’s a project that is part of the Lichtdialoge cycle and tells the story of the very talented flamenco dancer Daniela from Malaga. We were very fortunate to get in contact with the…

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