The Cloud Makers (2018)

“Would you like to know a secret? Almost no one knows that all the clouds we see in the sky come from the same place. The brothers Korky and Nimbus are older than time itself – yet everyday, they sit in their floating pavilion and do what they love most, telling each other stories while…

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Create Photorealistic Shadows in Photoshop

What you are going to learn here today In this short article you are going to learn two things about photorealistic shadows: a) a little bit of necessary but useful background information about light and shadows b) how to create 100% photorealistic shadows in Photoshop for one specific (but common!) lighting situation. The specific situation…

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The Psychology of Portrait Photography

The Psychology of Portrait Photography Portrait Photography is 10% Photography and 90% Psychology Portrait Photography is a truly fascinating discipline. On the surface it appears to be an ever repeating job: Person stands in front of the camera, photographer takes a good photo, selects, edits and delivers it, done. But the truth is, portrait photography…

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What’s wrong with TfP?

I’d like to start by saying, this is going to be somewhat of a rant about TfP and some of the points I’ll be making are due to personal preference. While I do feel strongly about these points,  I also welcome an open discussion. So feel free to contribute your own experiences, comments, opinions, etc. in…

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Emotion in Photography

A couple of days ago, my friend Ethan Oelman, also a Switzerland-based photographer, has posted his new series simply entitled “Emotions”. As with any great project, this one really has got me thinking – about our ability to read and project emotions and also on my own approach to emotion in visual artwork, especially, emotion…

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