New Photo: “The Smart Man”

Where do bright ideas come from? What keeps a smart man smart? Being smart is not just a passive attribute, but something that the really smart man constantly pushes further. If an idea breaks, he doesn’t back down, but tries to fix it and moves on.  There are sooooo many kinds of photographers: wedding, commercial,…

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Using the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport with Hasselblad RAW files using Adobe Camera RAW (ACR)

Color calibration workflow for Hasselblad cameras using X-Rite ColorChecker It took a while until I figured this one out. On the X-Rite site it even stated, that Hasselblad is not supported. I figured out a workaround though. Here we go: Shoot a reference photo of your Color Checker Passport From Hasselblad Phocus, export this image…

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Techniques for Inspiration and Creativity in Concept Photography

Techniques for Inspiration and Creativity in Concept Photography Creativity and Inspiration is the lifeblood of concept photography The value and depth of a concept photographer’s work doesn’t rely on either his gear park or his technical (photographic) experience. I am not saying these two won’t affect how his photos look in the end, but they…

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New Photo: King Kajong

King Kajong sitting atop his tower I love my new studio. It’s so incredibly close to my home – 20 meters!! Finally I can just go and shoot whenever I want to. Sorry to unblow your mind, but this is of course a photo manipulation. I am not that much of a daredevil :). And…

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New Photo: Aurora – Goddess Of Dawn

Aurora, the Goddess Of Dawn. She ties the bonds between day and night, the sun and the moon, while at the same time being inextricably bound by the two. With serene beauty, she dances on their stage and enjoys her short moment of glory, each day anew. Story Concept Aurora is both a mythical figure and a natural spectacle…

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How To Create Oversized Objects For Photo Manipulation Using Camera Shift

Introduction to the effect of oversized objects for artistic photo manipulation You’ve probably all seen that specific effect used in many creative photo manipulations. Enormously oversized objects are placed in an otherwise natural environment and due to their size, they become carriers of meaning and symbolic connotation. Almost everyone believes, that this can only be…

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