New Photo: Deliverance of the Luminous People

The idea for this image found me one night, while I was sitting outside in the little Italien Restaurant around the corner. They feature these beautiful old triple lamps and my mind wandered off to some other world, where there are living creatures trapped inside these lamps. From there on, the story started to grow……

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Zone-Lighting Tutorial for Concept Photography

In this tutorial I’d like to demonstrate that you don’t need expensive studio flashes to create a complex scene with subtle lighting. I haven’t yet seen anyone else do this quite the same way and there doesn’t seem to be a name for it, so I named the process “zone-lighting”, a form of exposure blending…

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New Photo: Seamstress Of Her Own Destiny

I am happy to start my new website with introducing my newest work, “Seamstress Of Her Own Destiny” (Näherin ihres eigenen Schicksals). It’s a project that is part of the Lichtdialoge cycle and tells the story of the very talented flamenco dancer Daniela from Malaga. We were very fortunate to get in contact with the…

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Hello wor(l)d(press)

Welcome to my new website. I maintained a static website for far too long and while it was fun while it lasted it was certainly time to move on and start with a website that is much easier to maintain. I am very thankful for the help of my beautiful and talented girlfriend who gave…

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