Techniques for Inspiration and Creativity in Concept Photography

Techniques for Inspiration and Creativity in Concept Photography Creativity and Inspiration is the lifeblood of concept photography The value and depth of a concept photographer’s work doesn’t rely on either his gear park or his technical (photographic) experience. I am not saying these two won’t affect how his photos look in the end, but they…

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How To Create Oversized Objects For Photo Manipulation Using Camera Shift

Introduction to the effect of oversized objects for artistic photo manipulation You’ve probably all seen that specific effect used in many creative photo manipulations. Enormously oversized objects are placed in an otherwise natural environment and due to their size, they become carriers of meaning and symbolic connotation. Almost everyone believes, that this can only be…

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Zone-Lighting Tutorial for Concept Photography

In this tutorial I’d like to demonstrate that you don’t need expensive studio flashes to create a complex scene with subtle lighting. I haven’t yet seen anyone else do this quite the same way and there doesn’t seem to be a name for it, so I named the process “zone-lighting”, a form of exposure blending…

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