New Photo: Aurora – Goddess Of Dawn

New Photo: Aurora – Goddess Of Dawn

Aurora, the Goddess Of Dawn. She ties the bonds between day and night, the sun and the moon, while at the same time being inextricably bound by the two. With serene beauty, she dances on their stage and enjoys her short moment of glory, each day anew.

Story Concept

Aurora is both a mythical figure and a natural spectacle that occurs each day. Aurora, to me is the short moments of beauty where night meets day, and sadly a sight that I don’t get to see very often, being somewhat of an extreme night-owl. I wanted to depict this goddess as both being dancing with and being bound by the two lanterns who are symbols for the moon (blue light) and the sun (orange light).


We were able to shoot this inside the Salon Theater Herzbaracke, a houseboat on Lake Zurich, that is something truly unique and beautiful. We are so thankful to Federico and Nicole for their help and guidance through the process.

The Team
Photographer: John Flury
Model: Ladina Bucher
Make-up and Hair: Anja Meli
Location: Salon Theater Herzbaracke (
Wardrobe: Luna Muñoz
Shot September 11th, 2013 near Pfäffikon on Lake Zurich, Switzerland

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