New Photo: King Kajong

New Photo: King Kajong

King Kajong sitting atop his tower

I love my new studio. It’s so incredibly close to my home – 20 meters!! Finally I can just go and shoot whenever I want to.

Sorry to unblow your mind, but this is of course a photo manipulation. I am not that much of a daredevil :). And because this is a blog, I’ll let you know how I did it.

First shot: Me sitting on top of two cajons, camera set very low on the ground. Main light right next to me (left).

Second shot: The cajon on the floor from shot #1 is now the highest of three cajons and is used as reference for a camera upwards shift. All lights are also shifted upwards by 1.5 m (the height that would be added by the two new cajons underneath). Tilted the camera head downwards to compensate for the shift. This would have been tricky if the lens would have been more wide-angle. It worked well though with the 70mm focal length.

Composited in Photoshop. I used the reference cajon (bottom one in the first shot, top one in the second) as… erm… well, reference to align the two shots. Then some masking, blending of the background, some retouching and that’s it. Pretty quick and painless :).

Canon EOS 6D @ F/11, 1/160s, ISO 100. Shooting distance: about 6 m.BTS King Kajong


  1. Josias Flury · October 13, 2013

    Das isch natürli au Kunscht, beiiiiidruckend. Däd

  2. SMART · November 18, 2013

    Hi. Great perspective job…again…
    Thank you for sharing your technique and images

    Best Regards
    SMART Photographies


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