New Photo: Seamstress Of Her Own Destiny

New Photo: Seamstress Of Her Own Destiny

I am happy to start my new website with introducing my newest work, “Seamstress Of Her Own Destiny” (Näherin ihres eigenen Schicksals). It’s a project that is part of the Lichtdialoge cycle and tells the story of the very talented flamenco dancer Daniela from Malaga. We were very fortunate to get in contact with the local museum for sewing machines (which was only opened last year) – Roni and Tino were extremely helpful and had a lot of patience with us, because we had to basically rearrange their attic for this shot. Roni even screwed some bolts in his wooden beam to hang the lantern exactly where I needed it. The beautiful gramophone in the back is also theirs and of course the sewing machine itself – which they let me choose from about a hundred specimens. If you know something about sewing machines, you’ll notice that it actually looks the wrong way! But don’t tell anyone 😉

Link to the full-size version

Concept, Photography and Editing: John Flury
Model: Daniela
Wardrobe: Toñi Montañez, Malaga, Spain
Location and Props: Nähmaschinenmuseum Dürnten (

Shot in beginning of June 2013 in Dürnten, near Zurich, Switzerland

© 2013 by obsoquasi photo & film


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    great work best wishes


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